domingo, 29 de julio de 2018

Noticias: Portada Revelada de la serie The Heartbreaks

Portada revelada de Once upon a wild fling de Lauren Blakely

Bookaholicos, este es el tercer libro de la serie: The Heartbreaks. Les dejo la portada revelada y la sinopsis a continuación,  espero lo disfruten. 
Nos vemos pronto. 😘


There are a million reasons why Miles Hart isn't the man I should date but allow me to enumerate the top three.

He's friend with my brother, he's a single dad, and he's a sexy, in-demand rock star. He might as well wear an off-limits, totally unavailable, abd don't-even-attempt-to-ride-this-ride sign. 

And there's one more, little itty-bitty thing - he's never asked me on a date. 

That is, until he asks me to be his plus-one when his band plays at his high school reunion. It shouldn't be a big deal. After all, we're just friends, and no one is giving us our own hashtag. Excepte me. 

I have three good reasons to keep my hands off Roxy Sterling-her brother's my business manager, my kid is the center of my world, and the last time I fell hard for a woman I was burned so badly that my interest in relationships has gone up in flames. But once I bring Roxy's body next to mine on the dance floor, I want all the not-safe-for-work things I can't have with her. 

My brain knows there's no way for us to work, but tell that to my big mouth. Because the second she plants a hot, sexy kiss on me, I have the bright idea to ask her to keep being my plus one-turning one night into a few. 

What's the harn in spending a little more time with her and having her by my side at all these events?
Nothing at first, until I learn exactly how risky we might be.

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